How the Supported Living Program Works

Our team of professionals is dedicated to helping you live your own life to the fullest. We want to explore your interests and develop your skills. Our staff will help you in daily living tasks while providing a supportive, fun, and safe environment.

We are constantly trying to think of services that will provide our clients with more freedom and have found that knowledge of transportation can be extremely valuable. Getting from place to place can be frustrating and not everyone has a driver’s license and car. Many people want assistance learning the bus system, while others want the opportunity to learn how to drive themselves. Whether it’s providing education about accessing the bus system or the chance to learn and prepare to get a driver’s license we want to connect you to the resources you need to get where you want to go.

JCI is dedicated to connecting you to community through activities, people, and other agencies. This program strives to enhance your life by providing education on topics such as cooking, budgeting, household care, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, community events, and much more.