Classes Available to Clients

Bridges to Employment

The Bridges to Employment Class is designed to fit each individual’s specific needs. Before beginning the class the instructor meets with the student to analyze which subjects and topics will be most helpful for them as everyone has different barriers and skill sets they wish to overcome and attain. Areas that the class frequently covers include: Job Seeker Tactics, Ethical Workplace Practices, Maintaining Appropriate Relationships with Supervisors, Co-Workers, and Customers; Employee Etiquette, Following a Dress Code, Professionalism, Practicing Effective Communication, Conflict Resolution, How to Respond Well and Improve When Given Criticism; and How to Support Positive Self-Esteem, among many others.

Driver’s Education

Driver’s Education teaches an understanding of the basic safety rules and regulations in the current Montana Driver’s Manual. Driver’s Education strives to meet the needs of each individual in order to prepare students to take and pass the written permit test. Though Job Connection, Inc. does not provide driving lessons, we are able to make instructor referrals.

Moral Reconation Therapy (MRT)

Moral Reconation Therapy is a step-by-step program designed to raise self-image and help individuals learn positive social behaviors and beliefs to strengthen their decision-making skills. MRT seeks to re-educate students both socially and behaviorally in order to instill in each person responsible goals, motivation, and values. This 12-step program significantly increases each student’s odds of success through self-evaluation and goal setting.

Anger Moral Reconation Therapy (AMRT)

Anger Moral Reconation Therapy is specifically designed for clients who are learning to manage the feelings and behaviors that accompany anger. There are eight modules in the program and a motivated client could complete one module each session.

Cooking Classes

Cooking Classes are structured to teach kitchen skills and increase independent living.  The purpose of the instruction is to encourage safety, nutrition, and skill development in a kitchen setting.